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Frequently Asked Questions

balloon-rides-largeWe ask that all passengers be in good physical condition, an stand in the Balloon for approximately one-hour, be able to hang on tightly to the basket, and flex their knees upon landing.

We ask that any passengers wit physical or medical conditions inform us prior to booking a flight. We canot take pregnant women, or children under the age of 6.

Normally, landings are very gentle, on occasion they can be bumpy, and in rare instances the impact with the ground may be severe thus presenting the possible rick of injury.

When we Fly

Is Balloning a year-round sport?  Absolutely!

Where we Meet

Our Balloon Center is located  at 46462 Dequindre Rd. in Shelby Township, MI 48317.    See Map

Scheduling Procedures

We require a $50.00 non-refundable deposit per person to book a specific date.  All balances are due on the day of the flight. Reservations can be made over the phone.  Please book at least one-week in advance to ensure availability.

We also have gift certificates available for purchase. the recipient can call at their convenience to schedule a flight date. All gift certificates are non-refundable, but are transferable in the event of inclement weather. We require full payment for all gift certificates. Gift certificates can be booked over the phone.

Weather Conditions

We fly in winds less than 10 knots (13 mph). We do not fly in rain, thunderstorms, or fog. If the flight must be cancelled due to inclement weather, then the flight will be rescheduled to a mutually agreed upon date.

What to Wear and Bring

Dress according to the temperature of the day and season. The temperature in the balloon is comparable with the outside air temperature. It may be a few degrees cooler at higher altitudes. Dress casual, blue jeans or comfortable slacks are fine.  Tennis or casual walking shoes are acceptable. Please no sandals, open-toed shoes, or high heels.

You are welcome to bring a camera or video camera aloft. All electronics or devices are the user’s responsibility. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged electronic devices.

Following the Balloons

We encourage our guests , family members, and friends to  follow along in the own vehicles. After the balloons are launched, each balloon will be followed y it’s own balloon chase vehicle and chase team which have radio communications.  Be prepare to stop occasionally and wait on he shoulder of the road while the balloon passes overhead. Guests are encouraged to bring their cameras to photograph their friends or family as they fly over.

Post Flight Champagne Celebration

Once we return back to our Balloon Center, we will commence with a champagne or non-alcoholic toast to all our passengers.

Looking for Potential New Crew Members

What a way to get involved in te sport of Hot Air Ballooning!  We are always seeking new crew members. Ayone who enjoys the great outdoors would be a good candidate. We offer special deals on balloon rides for our crew members.  Ask for more details.

Do you have a business to promote, or upcoming special event? Our balloons are available for promotions, private parties, tethered rides and advertising.

We also have inflatable balloons and other advertising products which are all great attention-getters for Grand Openings, sales promotions, birthdays, and private parties.