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Special Event and Advertising Inflatbles

Buy, Rent, or Lease

We install and service Cold Air Inflatables for you.

What is a Cold Air Inflatable?

A Cold Air Inflatable is one which is inflated by a continuously runnig electric fan. As the fan pressurizes the inflatable, it takes on it’s shape. Thee are great for Grand Openings, sales promotions, birthdays, and private parties.

Service is Our Specialty

Whether you rent from us or you have your copany owned inflatable, we will professionally install it anywhere. On your rooftop, ground, parking lot, or off site location. All we need is ample space and an electrical outlet or generator to set up the inflatable.


Any Message or Logo on Your Inflatable

We use a velcro lettering system on our banners so it makes it possible to customize your message at no additional cost. Let us help you be creative with proven themes. Our experience has proven that the inflatable by itself will get their attention… But a creative message on the infltable will appeal to your customers and increase your sales.